A Be Better is a dream come true:

Contribute to the Realization and Happiness of each Person by supporting individuals and organizations in the optimization of their potential, in order to develop an environment propitious to value creation.

Ease the path to be better

     At what you do

                How you interact with others

      How do you feel

                         In your choice


When we listen to the client, the questions arise in the search for solutions. Sometimes for the solution thought out we need complementary experiences and skills. To do so, we have national and international partners that enrich the solutions co-created with the client.

I have to thank Be Better for understanding and flexibility throughout the various stages.

Candidate in Recruitment and Selection

I have more focus on the issues to be discussed and the objectives to achieve.

Participant in training about ” My Development Conversation”

It was a pleasure descovering my capacities. Thank you 🙂

Student in the discipline of “Personal Skills Management”

Great interaction with the students as well the disponibility.

Participant in “Continuous Training in Career Management”

Good envolment! Participation!

Participant in Workshop “Leader Coach”

It was very interesting. It brings motivation and enthusiasm.

Participant in Workshop “Leader Coach”


Helena Silva

Helena Silva

The passion for contributing to the Happiness and Achivement of each Human Being, developing their skills and enhancing their results, combined with a vocation of Service, is one of the main pillars of my interest in working with and for People.

Holds a degree in Psychology (1988), and has a diversified professional experience within the Human Resources Consultancy: Recruitment and Selection, Management Appraisal, Assessment and Development Centers, Capability Diagnostic, Talent and Career Management, Coaching, Workshops Facilitation, Training, Teaching, among others.


Awakening and Managing Talents – ISG

March, 12 2019

Be Better thanks ISG Business & Economics School, for the invitation to be present at the 1st Meeting GRH – “Awakening and Managing Talents”…

Corporate Social Responsibility – Atlântica

March, 30 2017

“Tell me why I don’t like Mondays” – How can CSR contribute to transforming the negative feeling of Mondays into: Great, I’m going to work!…