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Stress Management

The person’s ability to cope with stress has a limit. Long term stress causes fatigue and tension at the physical and mental levels and it increases the risk of getting other health problems (hypertension, chronic pains, exhaustion, concentration loss, anxiety, depression, among others), sometimes reaching burnout situations.

Yet, there are other psychosocial risks.

Below are some of the working conditions that can lead to these psychosocial risks:

 Excessive workloads

 Conflicting demands and lack of clarity from managers and coworkers

 Ineffective Communication, lack of support from managers and coworkers

According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, there are three levels of intervention in stress management:

 Primary – Preventive and proactive

 Secondary – Improved

 Tertiary – Reactive

Be Better offers solutions that operate on the primary and secondary levels of the stress management.

Yoga Sāmkhya

To retain a steady and long term balanced and positive attitude (inner and outer) requires large quantities of Energy, Physical, Emotional and Mental Health, Focus and Clarity.

The regular practice of Yoga Sāmkhya, the most Powerful, Complete, Wise, and Ancient Method of Human Development on the Planet (> 7,000 years) promotes:

 The decrease in absenteeism
 The creativity
 Fast and inspired decision-making
 Nocturnal biological sleep of the highest quality


Participants learn, in a practical way, about tools and resources to deal with and to prevent stress situations.

Being Tranquil and in Action with focus on results.

Tailor Made Solutions

We will provide the most suitable solutions according to the specifications of each context.