Recruitment and Selection

We support our clients in sourcing, identifying and attracting the best professionals in the market.

We contribute to boost the professional performance results and the organization’s business.

The recruitment sources are selected according to the required profile and our client’s business, and yet using multiple sources in a selection process is often more effective.

Some of these sources are: job advertisements, databases, social networks/ professional networks, professional associations, educational institutions, direct search.

The consistency of the tools we use at a selection process and the combined usage of different types of tools optimize the depth of our assessment and utterly the success of our selection.

Executive Search

 Target Groups
Top executives or very unique profiles.

 The most effective recruitment source
Direct search, highly focused and directed at a pool of professionals and companies, predefined according to each process requirements.

Our Experience

Broad experience of +25 years, Various business sectors and business sizes, Multiple job descriptions and framework, National and international context.

We develop the process in full or in some process steps, only, according to our client’s needs.