“Be Better’s colaboration in the field of Recruitment and Selection process was always lined with our business and the project´s reality.

We highlight the excelent effort and celerity in searching and identifying the best candidates, using various sources in line with our field of business e and adapting them whenever needed.

The follow-up, with various people envolved, of the integration of the candidate was quite helpfull. Be Better knows how to correspond to our needs with eficiency and great expertise.”

Ertecna / Sinalux

“Team of professionals whose technical skills and high customer knowledge culminate in a successful work.
We feel the impact of their actions on our teams, always directed towards what is most important – the development of the company along with talent and market trends.”

Astellas Pharma Portugal

“Thank you very much for sending the reports and CV’s.
It is very thorough and I am happy with the quality of the CV’s.

Thank you again Helena for the nice pool of candidates.”

Astellas Pharma Europe

“Be Better offers a very professional service, organized, with defined and respected timings. The efficiency of Helena Silva outrated my expectations. The presented profiles were exectly what we needed. Helena also acompanied the integration of the candidate in the organization.”


“Be Better developed at IPS various well structered and meaningfull training sessions. The  accomplishement of the objectives and expectations was fullfilled through the quality of the training and also by the readiness and support of all the Be Better’s team.”

Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal

“Be Better has led a potential mapping project for some of our employees in our company. The goal was to diagnose the level of competences of these elements, identify their potential for adaptation / evolution to new responsibilities and define their future framework.

Throughout the process, the professionalism of the BeBetter consultant who led the work was evident. Having captivated each one of the collaborators individually, she made a complete diagnosis and presented guidelines of development / evolution of the resources that proved very assertive and that resulted in the success of the project.

We consider the work experience with BeBetter to be very positive, and we are willing and confident to repeat it again.”


“I have the pleasure of knowing both Be Better business partners for a long time. The projects they lead showed their professional excellency. Two years ago Universidade Atlântica started a innovating project, Career Road Map, with Be Better company. The results are excellent, with a high level of student satisfaction. I’m sure that Be Better will soon be a reference in People’s Management in Portugal.”

Universidade Atlântica

“The experience we had with Be Better was very positive, not only in terms of the quality of the candidates that could be hired, as a result of the process and methodologies followed, but also by the interaction capacity of the consultants with HRD and with other Malo Clinic Responsables.
It is indeed a value-added partnership!”

Malo Clinic

“This course was very positive and of great help to our future and getting in the labour market.”

Participant in “Continuous Training in Career Management”

“I really liked this course. I improved my communication skills. Writing about myself helped to take notion of what I can do.”

Student in the discipline of “Personal Skills Management”

“During this course I achieved a promotion at work. I have more awareness of “myself”.”

Student in the discipline of “Personal Skills Management”

“The feedback of the “Entrepreneurship Seminar” is extremely positive. Expectations were cleary surpressed.”

Participant in “Career Development Program”

“I am now able to systematize ideas (based on my self-knowledge) in order to develop a robust and realistic development plan.”

Participant in training about ”My Development Conversation”

“I left this training more confident to challenge status and move out of the comfort zone. More available for self-awareness.”

Participant in training about ”My Development Conversation”

“The most useful in the training program was the support through powerful questions to the meetings of My Development Conversation.”

Participant in training about ”My Development Conversation”

“First of all, I want to thank you for the opportunity and interest shown by you and Sinalux in me and in the possible use of my knowledge. I can only thank you for your sympathy and patience with my case.”

Candidate in Recruitment and Selection

“Allow me to thank you for the opportunity that I have been given to participate in this recruitment process. I would also like to emphasize the professionalism shown by Be Better throughout the contacts made in this process.”

Candidate in Recruitment and Selection

“The Coaching program gave me a more positive attitude, improving my professional and personal relationships. I started a changing process witch, I believe, I’ll be able to continue with the perspectives worked during the sessions.”

Coachee – “Coaching On Job”