Capability Management

Individual Assessment

The fully assessment of each individual’s potential aims to provide growth on the actual function and /or support the career progress, by taking up new challenges within the organization.

Assessment and Development Centers

Capabilities assessment of each individual within a team context aiming to select the best profile candidate to an open position within the company and aiming to provide the company knowledge about the capabilities of its professionals, providing their development.

Capability Diagnostic

Current capabilities and potential capabilities assessment enable a global overview of the professionals. Identifying capability gaps against the organization’s strategy assists on focusing on the development of the right capabilities and aligns people with strategies.

Talent Identification

Identifying high potential talent allows the improvement of efficient actions in order to retain the best talent and simultaneously enhancing the Human Resources Management best practices.

360° Feedback

A very important tool for an effective Capability Management, due to the relevance of all coworkers’ input both upstream and downstream, which can be combined with other complementary methodologies, as well.